Are you living out your heart’s passion and shining in your God- ordained purpose? Sometimes it’s easy to become stuck or even lost within the maze of life. Does that sound like you? Partner with me to discover and even re-discover your passion so that you can fulfill your purpose…and SHINE!


So often we try to make things happen on our own without realizing that we have a life force within us that works on our behalf! God’s Power is at work in us so that we can do far more than we can even ask or think! Its time to activate that power…and SHINE!


Are you ready to achieve new goals and dreams? My coaching will help you accelerate your progress and provide support to enhance the skills, resources, and creativity that you already have so that you can perform at a higher level…and SHINE!

Coaching Program Approach:

Coaching Program Approach: 

Participants will receive 1 cycle of coaching which includes a minimum of 7 sessions.

Additional cycles are available for purchase.

  • Initial Meeting Phase (1session):  The goal is to delineate the responsibilities of the Coach and participant.  Clear expectations are established and centered upon confidentiality, accountability, goals, status updates and other intended outcomes.  
  • Assessment Phase (2sessions):  Depending on the goals established in the initial meeting phase, assessment tools such as interviews, personality tests, skills inventories, and/or other data collection and evaluation tools will be utilized.  We will seek to convert assessment data into strengths, improved skills/abilities and opportunities for continued growth. 
  • Action Plan:  Within the framework of partnership we will develop an action plan for development and behavior change.  This action plan includes goals and objectives to measure progress.  Additionally, areas of concern and potential obstacles will be identified in an effort to manage and overcome. The action plan will be modified as necessary to incorporate new goals and or any needed changes.
  • Coaching (4sessions):  Actual coaching focuses on where you are currently and what you’re willing to do to reach stated goals and objectives.  You will commit to working the action plan, practicing new skills and behaviors and making necessary corrections when needed.  We will meet at regular scheduled sessions via face to face or phone.  You may contact the me between meetings for “emergency support.”  During sessions, you will determine the focus of discussion for feedback and observations.  My coaching will seek  to accelerate and provoke your progress through creating greater focus, accountability, and awareness of choices and consequences.
  • Closing:  At the end of the contracted agreement, we will assess outcomes based on the your stated goals and action plan.  The closing process will also include a plan for continued progress, which may or may not include additional coaching support.

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