Life Coaching

As a LIFE COACH my focus is to unleash the power of purpose within each client while challenging them within a framework of partnership to be responsible and accountable for goal achievement and desired performance.  Through assessments, goal setting and integrative approaches, inclusive of biblical principals, and cognitive behavioral models, clients may experience improved and empowered fulfillment.

SHINE Sessions & Workshops

Opportunities to educate and empower women to lead their best lives!

  • Provide a safe and structured environment for meaningful and purposeful exchange of information toward personal, spiritual and professional development
  • Create relationships that allow participants to identify and confront real issues for progressive movement
  • Engage participants in individual and/or group sessions of powerful performance-changing dialogue and development of action plans
  • Provide guidance for discovery, development, and demonstration of desired expectations
  • Engage participants in assessment-feedback models for establishment of goals and desired outcomes
  • Sustain spiritual, emotional, and behavioral changes for goal attainment


  • Team-Building
  • Goal-setting
  • Mental Health Wellness
  • Ministry Coaching

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